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Method for using bactericide and algae removing agent in water treatment


Biocide used to remove water treatment equipment, water treatment equipment and material inhibiting fungi fungi growth of important water treatment agent, good use is the greatest guarantee of its performance, here we have to study water treatment biocide use method:

The appearance of bactericidal algae is mostly colorless or yellowish viscous liquid, PH is neutral, and the initial use should be according to 1:500 mass ratio, and it is added to the water by artificial impact. The use of oxidizing, bactericidal, algae removal or slime stripping agents shall be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use in accordance with different uses and in accordance with the appropriate proportion of agents used. Should not be treated equally, according to the provisions of the habit of matching use.

Want to use the biocide must first determine the place whether meet the algicide sterilization using environmental conditions, generally speaking, we should choose in the sunny days use, preferably in the daytime, it is the prerequisite for the use of water treatment products, can improve the sterilization efficiency to a great extent, the input reagent according to the actual area of use, if you have any questions, you can consult a professional person according to the method of using specific environmental design and reasonable usage, before use must read the instructions, follow the correct method, and according to the instructions on the steps of adding water treatment agent, avoid blind operation, in order to use the experience, we better after use and acceptance effect and record.

The bactericidal agent does not obviously stimulate the human skin. If you accidentally touch the skin, you can immediately use the water to shock it. The packing can be packed in ordinary plastic drums and stored in a light, cool and ventilated place. It should not be exposed directly to the sun. In addition, most of the storage period of bactericidal biocide is two years, and can not be stored for a long time.

That is what I am going to introduce to you about the use of biocide in water treatment. In order to make the best use of bactericide and algae, how to choose the water treatment agent is the most important.