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Common chemicals used in boiler water treatment


Water treatment agent is a chemical agent used in water treatment. A chemical agent usually used in sewage treatment. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, daily chemicals, textiles, printing and dyeing, construction, metallurgy, machinery, medicine and health, transportation, urban and rural environmental protection industries, in order to save water and prevent water pollution. It includes the treatment of cooling water and boiler water, desalination, membrane separation, biological treatment, flocculation and ion exchange. Such as scale inhibitors, scale inhibitors, bactericide, algae inhibitor, flocculant, ion exchange resin, purifying agent, central air conditioner cleaning agent, passivation film and so on.

In order to make the readers have a system of boiler water treatment chemicals, Langfang Sen Zuo water treatment Co. Ltd. according to the chemicals in the boiler water treatment effect, divided as coagulant and coagulant, softener, deoxidizing agent, pH regulator, scale inhibitor, cleaning agent, corrosion inhibitor and special chemicals etc. part. The physicochemical properties, technical indexes, preparation, toxicity, protection and application of water treatment chemicals are briefly introduced. Reference for use.

(1) coagulant is a kind of chemical agent added in the process of water purification, water can accelerate the coagulation and flocculation of colloidal particles into large particles. In the boiler water treatment, it is used to purify the water quality, so that the colloid and turbid substance in water are condensed into large particles, and the precipitate is accelerated from the water.

(2) when a coagulant is used alone, the coagulant can not achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to add some auxiliary agent to improve the coagulation effect. This drug is called a coagulant. In the process of boiler water treatment, coagulant aid is used to improve coagulation effect and accelerate flocculation process.

(3) also known as softener softener is assistant for improving the processing performance of the rubber and the use of performance, can increase the plastic rubber material, reducing sizing and mixing temperature, improve the dispersibility and mixed type of vulcanizate increased the tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance. The hardness of components using softener in boiler water treatment can be made into natural water insoluble precipitate precipitation, preventing structure.

(4) a pH modulator is a food additive used to adjust or maintain pH values (acids or bases). In the boiler water treatment, the use of pH regulator can neutralize the free carbon dioxide in water, improve the water quality pH value and slow down the H+ corrosion.

(5) also known as deoxidizer deoxidizing agent or desiccant, can be used in food, as long as or other products, products used to prevent decay, spoilage, moldy deodorization; loss by deoxidizing agent can maintain the nutritional value of the product itself and avoid its quality. It allows oxygen content in the package to be less than 0.1% and remains at this level. In boiler water treatment, to remove dissolved oxygen in water and prevent oxygen corrosion in boiler thermodynamic system.

(6) scale inhibitors can prevent scale formation or inhibit the deposition and growth of chemical agents. There are two kinds of scale inhibitors and scale inhibitors. Using scale inhibitor in boiler, the hardness ion produced in boiler water treatment can produce insoluble sediment, and can be discharged with boiler blowdown to prevent scale or slag from boiler thermodynamic system.

(7) the central air conditioner cleaning agent can dissolve the volatile solvent of the osmotic liquid, so as to remove the excess osmotic liquid on the surface of the workpiece to be inspected. The cleaning agent to remove various sediments of boiler thermal system, and the formation of metal surface corrosion protection film, so as to shorten the new furnace group operation time, to avoid the impact on the safe operation of the boiler in the sediments.

(8) the inhibitor added in order to slow down the corrosion of metal in chemical cleaning.

Practice shows that the furnace water treatment process appropriate, supplemented by appropriate chemical treatment, to improve the boiler water quality, prevent fouling and corrosion of boiler thermodynamic system, ensure the safety of boiler, stability, economy and long cycle operation, and water saving, energy saving has great significance.