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Function of scale inhibitor and its using method


Corrosion inhibitor is one of the most common, one of the water treatment chemicals are often used, what is the role of inhibitor inhibitor? How to use, these are the most used personnel need to understand, then I will introduce the effect of scale inhibitor and method of use.

Scale inhibitor is to prevent the inorganic substances in water from depositing and scaling on the membrane components of the equipment, and can be applied to many kinds of membrane elements such as reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane and so on. When the concentration of a wide range of effective control of inorganic fouling, delaying reverse osmosis membrane fouling, and iron oxides and aluminum silicon compounds unite to form insoluble, can effectively inhibit the aggregation and deposition of silicon, the dense water side SiO2 concentration was 290 ppm, the cleaning cycle reduce membrane element.

The use of scale inhibitors can be used instead of adding acid or with acid. There are many factors that affect the formation of mineral deposits. Lower the temperature will decrease except for scaling the solubility of calcium carbonate minerals and most substances contrary to its solubility decreases with increase of temperature rise of TDS will increase the solubility of insoluble salts of this is because of the high ionic strength interference on formation of crystal seed. The optimum amount of additions and maximum saturation of fouling substances and contaminants is best determined by a proprietary software package provided by the pharmaceutical supplier. Excessive addition of scale inhibitors / dispersants can lead to the formation of deposits on the membrane surface, resulting in new pollution problems.

In any field of water treatment, fouling can cause serious consequences for production. Therefore, it is important to understand the function and use of scale inhibitors and understand the steps of adding drugs.