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Question: how can the water pollution prevention program really fall to the ground?


Recently, the Audit Commission released the audit results of water pollution control projects, which reflect the 9 provinces into 1684 water pollution control project of water pollution prevention and control planning did not receive financial support for the planning project, the number of 44%, 7, 2135 water pollution control projects related to funding does not belong to the planning and implementation the scope of the equivalent planning arrangements for the 7 provinces of the number of items 63%. This seems to be a budget allocation problem, in fact, reflects a problem that has not been solved for many years: how does the water pollution prevention and control plan really fall?

From the legal point of view, the law of the People Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution stipulates that the approved water pollution control program is the basic basis for the prevention and control of water pollution. The status of water pollution control and planning is very high. But if there is no real attention to the relevant departments, "a blueprint" can not draw in the end.

From the planning period, the current water pollution prevention and control plan in general and the national economic planning period consistent with only 5 years duration. But the solution of environmental problems needs a long-term process. From the planning content, our plan is not only a professional planning, because of which involved water pollution control projects included in the planning of the project, the possibility of obtaining the central government funds to support the larger, which resulted in the planning focus on the distribution of the number of construction projects, many projects are too small and too scattered included in the planning, the planning guide, the total catch effect is weakened, scientific, targeted planning needs to be improved.

The implementation of the plan lacks joint efforts and a medium-term adjustment mechanism. The preparation and supervision of water pollution control plans shall be conducted by the environmental protection department, and the relevant financial arrangements shall be handled by the departments in charge of finance, development and reform. Because of the lack of coordination and communication between departments, the project supported by financial funds has not been included in the plan, and the projects included in the plan can not be supported by financial funds. Water pollution prevention and control special funding arrangements, not entirely in accordance with the focus and direction of the distribution plan, long-term since the formation of the tube regardless of funds management professional and professional regardless of money "situation, the fund management department and business department is not truly coordinated and cooperative. In addition, there is a lack of dynamic adjustment mechanism in the implementation process. There should be a mid-term evaluation system, and the planning objectives or plans should be adjusted in time according to the changes in the situation.

Suggested that the relevant departments should be combined with the establishment of "13th Five-Year" water pollution prevention and control planning, planning, and prominent role in the total catch, focus on the macro objectives and measures to strengthen the convergence and land space, water function zoning and other planning; the direction and focus of the allocation of special funds should be linked up with the "13th Five-Year" water pollution prevention and control planning etc.. At the same time, should be introduced public participation mechanism, planning should solicit public opinion, planning and implementation should allow the social forces to participate in supervision, and assessment of the medium-term planning and implementation, establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of planning execution.