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What harm does water pollution bring to human beings?


The first is the harm of water pollution to the human body health, because water plays a very important role in the body of the people can not eat The new supersedes the old., but one day, one day without water can not influence, some elements of water will cause some human diseases, and water containing harmful substances that is the direct harm to human health. Contaminated water contains certain harmful substances that are likely to cause liver cancer and stomach cancer.

The second is the impact of water pollution on the aquatic life, because people put pollutants in the water, the effect of water fish health, but also lead to the damage caused by water balance, water creatures can not survive, and some fish living in that water, fish can also contain harmful substances, humans will also eat fish the impact of their own health.

Super important, water pollution will also affect agriculture, industrial production has to do with boiling water, the water quality is also required, agricultural production will be affected, once the industry and agriculture are affected, which affect the development level of the whole economy, and the speed of development, visible effects of water pollution the human is very important.

After water pollution, through the drinking water or food chain, pollutants enter the human body, causing acute or chronic poisoning. Arsenic, chromium, ammonium, a, pyrene can also cause cancer. Water contaminated by parasites, viruses, or other pathogens can cause a variety of infectious and parasitic diseases. Water polluted by heavy metals is harmful to people health. Cadmium contaminated water and food, after eating, can cause kidney and bone lesions, ingestion of cadmium sulfate 20 mg, that will cause death. Lead poisoning, cause anemia, insanity. Six valence chromium has very big toxicity, cause skin ulcer, still have carcinogenic effect. Drinking arsenic containing water can cause acute or chronic poisoning. Arsenic causes many enzymes to be inhibited or inactive, causing metabolic disorders in the body, skin keratinization, and skin cancer. Organophosphorus pesticides can cause neurotoxicity. Organochlorine pesticides accumulate in fat and cause harm to humans, animals, endocrine, immune function, and reproductive function. Most of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have carcinogenic effects. Cyanide is also a highly toxic substance that enters the bloodstream and combines with cytochrome oxidase in the cell to interrupt breathing and cause respiratory failure and asphyxiation and death. 80% of the diseases are related to water. Typhoid, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, infectious liver disease are five major diseases of human beings, all caused by the unclean water.