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Jiangsu Yangzhou Wuxing Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., is a company engaged in industrial circulating cooling water treatment technology services, pharmaceutical production and related product development of professional manufacturers, the factory covers an area of more than 17000 square meters, located at the intersection of Runyang Bridge and along the highway 328, North Nanjing Expressway, superior location, convenient transportation.

Over the years, and actively introduce advanced technology and talents, pay attention to play their own advantages, Nanjing University of Technology, Shanghai Tongji University and other institutions as the basis, have developed a series of water treatment products, and successfully applied in the petroleum chemical industry, chemical fiber, thermal power and other industries, the lifting of the majority of users in the process of using water in distress, to resist the effect effective on the corrosion, existing in the circulating cooling water system, scale deposition and bacterium from harm. Among them, ZH371WX, ZH562WX, ZH443WX and SS311WX, SS416WX, SS523WX bactericidal biocide, for many years by Sinopec Corporation as a recommended product. Especially in recent years, the low phosphorus products developed by our factory not only have stable performance, remarkable effect, but also have good economic benefits.

In the spirit of "quality service" principle, we are willing to provide users with water treatment services at home and abroad.

We Yangzhou five-star Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., for the development of water treatment agent and technical service capabilities, in the domestic industry with certain competitive ability.